Watch Your

Life and Doctrine

Fall 2020 | Harvest Indy

An Update Concerning ISC 2020

Indiana Shepherd's Conference has officially been postponed. We will be sending out an email to each individual who has registered letting them know, but if you would be so kind to please spread the word, we would greatly appreciate it.

We will connect with our slate of speakers in the coming days about rescheduling for the fall of 2020.

Additionally, we will work on refunding registration costs in the coming days and weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Your Send Network Indiana Team
(Nate, Doug, Scott, Jesus, and Carol)


ISC 2020:

Life and Doctrine

Our theme for 2020 is taken directly from 1 Timothy 4:16 where the Apostle Paul encourages his friend Timothy to "watch his life and doctrine closely." This task carries high stakes as Paul continues: "for by so doing you will save both yourself and your hearers." For this reason we aim to dive deeper into what it means to, by the grace of God, watch our life and doctrine.

About Indiana Shepherds Conference

for pastors and their teams

Through this conference, we are working to create a place where pastors and their teams all across Indiana can be refreshed, encouraged, and challenged. As we come together each year, we pray that a robust culture of kingdom brotherhood will develop, giving pastors a stronger sense of connection to the gospel movement happening throughout the state.


Tony Headshot

Tony Merida

Keynote Speaker

Tony Merida is the founding pastor of Imago Dei Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, content director for Acts 29, dean of Grimke Seminary, and a Council member of The Gospel Coalition. He is the author of a number of books, including, The Christ-Centered Expositor, Ordinary, and Orphanology.

Noah Headshot

Noah Oldham

Breakout Speaker

Noah Oldham is the lead pastor of August Gate Church in St. Louis, MO and the Send North America St. Louis city coordinator for the North American Misson Board.

Brian Headshot

Brian White

Breakout Speaker

Brian White is the lead pastor of Harvest Church in Carmel, IN and served as the executive director of the Great Commission Collective from 2017-2019.


Terry Thompson

Breakout Speaker

Terry Thompson has been the lead pastor of Rock Point Church in Crawfordsville, Indiana since 1998.